Transitional K

Transitional Kindergarten

The period in between preschool and kindergarten, known as transitional Kindergarten is a tender time during which children’s minds and abilities are developing rapidly. In an effort to help meet the holistic needs of the child during this period, we have developed a well-rounded curriculum that aids in increasing their academic, emotional, and social development.

On average, TK lessons are fairly longer than preschool lessons, since children have a greater attention span at this age. They are also able to focus their attention on individualized tasks and projects. In order to hone these skills, we incorporate many individual and small-group activities that will help them develop problem solving skills, creativity, and their own natural skills and talents.

Our goal is to equip students with the necessary tools and skills they need to ensure their success in kindergarten. We strive to ensure that by the end of TK, our students are prepared and ready to not only enter, but excel, in kindergarten.

You may observe some of the following development milestones in your pre-kindergartener:

  • Comprehension of size differences
  • Increased attention span and ability to focus
  • Patterning and Sequencing
  • Ability to write his/her whole name
  • Basic phonic skills
  • Ability to identify numbers 1-10, out of order
  • Ability to identify at least 13 letters, out of order
  • Ability to count to 30
  • Secure attachment when separated from parents
  • Increased socialization with other children and adults
  • Enhanced imagination (e.g., able to describe or create story from a picture)