Our children’s SABA Academy journey begins in the toddler room. Early childhood theories emphasize that the first three years of a child’s life are the most crucial in developing their language and cognition. During this time, children also need emotional support and care in order to develop in a healthy manner. Th is is why we make it our priority to ensure that your child feels secure and supported while at SABA Academy. Our teachers are trained to be receptive to the needs of our toddlers and maintain a positive and nurturing environment. In addition, they are thoroughly prepared, as we know that toddlers have unique needs.

Our classrooms have been designed to help toddlers explore in a structured environment that engages and stimulates their developing minds. We understand and take the necessary time to help them adjust to the school environment. Our staff will teach them important social skills, such as sharing and following a schedule, and also life skills, such as potty training. Our weekly lesson plans feature developmentally appropriate activities that engage children’s sensory skills all the while they learn, explore, and increase their confidence.

You may observe some of the following development milestones in your toddler:

  • Proficiency in toilet training
  • Increased fine and gross motor Skills
  • Increased independence and initiative
  • Increased language acquisition and development
  • Enhanced attention span