SABA Pre-K Program

SABA Academy Preschool is a play-based child development center that reflects the Reggio Emilia approach in both its setting and curriculum. Children learn best in an environment that provides safety, nurturing staff, encouragement, supportive relationships, and offers many opportunities for children to explore and play. In order to gauge and evaluate the quality of our early childhood program, we use ECER (Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale) once a year and DRDP (Desired Results Developmental Profile) twice a year.

We strongly value the relationships built at our school between both teacher and child and teacher and family. The child’s family is seen as our partner in their child’s education and we welcome them to participate in the classroom in various ways.

Our classrooms have a variety of different learning centers including: science, art, dramatic play, reading, writing, Quran, Islamic Studies, blocks and manipulative. The SABA Academy classroom is a language rich environment to help facilitate and support early literacy experiences for children. Curriculum is developed around both the individual and the group. Our classroom will provide a stimulating and exciting learning environment with abundant opportunities for discovery for young minds.

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