“Play” is an essential skill through which children learn from and interact with the world around them. Therefore, play is one of the pillars of SABA preschool. Each of our classes revolve around a theme-based curriculum that is centered on the concept of play. Our comprehensive weekly lesson plans integrate all different subjects, such as Math, Language Development, Social Skills, and Science, through fun methods. Through interactive, hands-on activities students explore different letters, numbers, shapes, and colors each week. In an effort to maintain open communication with parents, our weekly lesson plans can be accessed in the main hallway.

In the early childhood stage, children are rapidly growing and hitting development milestones. It is crucial that they are thus in an environment that meets their emotional, social, and academic needs. Our highly qualified teachers encourage children to develop important life skills that will ensure future success in school, such as listening attentively and cooperating with others. In addition, they are encouraged to achieve a growth mindset, which will motivate them to learn and grow from their experiences.

You may observe some of the following development milestones in your preschooler:

  • Counting and one-to-one correspondence
  • Participating in collaborative play
  • Sorting objects by size, shape, and color
  • Recognizing letters and their name
  • Making predictions based on simple actions
  • Increased attention span

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